My Life in Art

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About the Artist:

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Suzi Nassif’s online established art gallery contains a massive collection of her stunning canvas painting. From groundbreaking abstract art to impressive digital surrealism, and faces plus phases in gloriously imaginative style, you will find real life reflections in all. Besides savoring the serenity in her work, her figurative illustrations of negative vibes surviving in our societies are also amazing to be appreciated.

Suzi belongs to the most celebrated part of growing art scenario in Dubai, UAE. Trend of art galleries in Dubai is emerging like never before. For the case of point, Art Dubai contains 90+ art galleries dedicated to modern artworks of different internationally recognized artists.

Suzi has also showcased her artwork at courtyard gallery, World Art Dubai exhibition and also French art gallery Dubai. Realism is quite obvious in Suzi’s artwork and each piece of her canvas paintings is available on her digital art gallery is purely a cream of the crop.

Lebanese born, Suzi Fadel Nassif, is a famed contemporary artist whose creative mind springs to life, artwork of intriguing mobility, wonder and emotional resonance. Naturally gifted from an early age, Suzi was determined to reach the pinnacle of her artistry. Driven by the artistic expressions of Salvador Dali, she developed a keen eye for minute details, analyzing colors and texture. Journeying into groundbreaking abstract impressionism and surrealism, she gains inspiration from the interconnectedness of people from different walks of life, cultural diversity, mysteries of existence and the semblance of emotions.

Using oil and acrylics as her primary mediums, she elevated her work and propelled her career into the international market. Since beginning her professional painting career in 2014, Suzi went on to travel the world, exhibiting her work at notable art events and exhibitions in countries like France, Russia, Japan, Italy, England, USA and Portugal. In 2015, she was the recipient of the Vera Award, the Unicef Award, and the Leonardo Da Vinci Award. She attained the CasanovaArts Lover Award in 2016 and most recently, the Certificate of Excellence, Palm Award in 2017.