Starry Dali (Dali meets Van Gogh)

Starry Dali


Salvador Dali inspired Suzi a lot and in this painting she has mixed Van Gogh’s Starry Night style with Dali’s surrealism.

The Spanish painter Salvador Dali was a renowned artist whose style remains a controversial and paradoxical art work of the twentieth century. Being known for his painterly output, Dali also explored areas like writing, filmmaking, advertising, printmaking, fashion and sculpture.

Although Surrealism started way before him in Paris, the most common name to think of when you think of surrealism is his. Born in 1904, Salvador Dali during his career, experienced many different art forms and experiment with a lot of styles, which gave him the opportunity to further express his view in his work.

During his earlier career, Salvador Dali focused more on cubism, futurism and metaphysical style of painting not until he studied the works of Sigmund Freud, then he became passionate about creating images from his unconscious mind which is said to be untapped. This further pushed him into joining the surrealist movement in 1930, which later brought him into fame and popularity. Although, later he was expelled from the group due to his non-conformity, but Salvador Dali went on to create a world of endless possibilities through the way he saw the world.

Unashamedly, Salvador Dali expressed himself through his paintings, most of which came to him in dreams or when he was under hallucinations. One of his contributions to the surrealism world was The Paranoiac-Critical which was a form of mental exercise that grants artists right of entry into the subconscious part of the mind where they can then get inspiration for their works. Salvador Dali revealed both dreams and imaginations with his works.

Dali’s influence on surrealism is appreciable. Many critics have claimed that apart from his short stint as a surrealism artist, he actually did little in revolutionizing the art world. They claimed he did very little work to contribute to the art world or even his career. On the other hand, he’s got some die-hard fans who claim that without Salvador Dali, there was no surrealism.

Throughout his life, he was actively involved in art and its history, and the risks he took in his art remain one of the most talked about in the modern art world today. He successfully influenced a whole new generation of artists who look up to him as see him as their ideal.


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Acrylic on canvas


140 x 170 cm

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