the colors of iris by suzi nassif

The Colors of Iris


Size: 100 X 70 CM

Medium: Acrylic/ Gold leaf on canvas


This beautiful acrylic painting on canvas reveals Iris Apfel’s love for color and beauty. An American born with a vivacious personality and a flair for shouting style Iris Apfel embodies the quintessential role model to all modern fashion designers. Iris Apfel worked creatively through out her life, she even worked on the designs for restoration of the White House for nine presidents as well. As a fashion icon during her life as well as after her death she stands out as a great inspiration for the world of fashion design and innovation. Suzi’s admiration for Apfel’s love of creativity, color, and jewelry can be seen in the painting. She sure is a great fashion icon.

Facts about Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is many things but one of the things she claimed to be is an accidental icon. A fashion mogul, who despite her large success now, was largely unknown in the fashion world until she was in her 80s. She got known all over the world in September 2005, when her fame catapulted due to exhibition of her collaboration at the Met Museum. Since that happenstance, Iris’s life had never been the same, hence the ‘accidental icon’ tag.

  1. Her career as a supermodel, muse and collaborator for renowned brads picked up from that moment. Iris Apfel was the first person still alive who was not in the design world to have her clothing exhibited at the museum. That was a major win for her.
  2. Iris is so popular, she is the only person alive over ninety years with over one million followers on Instagram.
  3. Iris doesn’t have any rules when it comes to her personal style. According to her, it takes time to find one’s personal style, but once it is discovered, then freedom comes. She says it is best to try out different styles, gauge your reaction and other’s reactions to it, and then decide on how you feel about that. She is worth listening to in that regard.


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