90 X 70 CM
Acrylic/SILVER leaf on canvas

Suzi Nassif painted this impressive portrait inspired by Neptune, the God of Water. Here are more facts about Neptune as he looks majestic and powerful in this acrylic painting on canvas.

The Romans believed in the incredible power of Neptune. The most specific thing about the description of Neptune was his personality and specialty.


Violent and Temperament

The perception of Neptune as violent is seen in its dominance of the turbulence of the sea and earthquakes.


Neptune loved the company of mortal women, goddesses, and sea nymphs. He looked at his sister lustfully. The sister Ceres, decided to turn herself into a mare to avoid rape. Unfortunately, Neptune transformed himself into a horse and raped Medusa while worshipping at the temple of the goddess of wisdom.


In his courtship with Salacia, he is depicted as a persistent type. He did everything to find the bride including sending Dolphin king to find the goddess and persuade her to marry him. Salacia listened to the persuasion of the king and accepted to marry Neptune.

Good looking

He was good looking with lots of energy. He had deep blue eyes with streaming green hair.


He caused the boat ship to wreck to delay the return of the Greek hero Odysseus from the Trojan War.


Neptune is the father of all living beings through the power of fertilizing rainwater. He delights in being a lady’s man. He was the creator and patron god of the horse. Before becoming the God of the sea, he reigned over the springs, rivers, and lakes. He presided over the 3000 mermaids and 3000 Triton. He had the ability to control the water using a trident.

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