MADAME Marlene

Madame Marlene


Acrylic/gold leaf on canvas
100 X 95 CM

This beautiful acrylic painting on canvas presents the portrait of Marlene Dietrich. It is one of those famous pop art paintings that have been admired by hundreds of pop art artists.

Beauty and personality of Marlene Dietrich  

Marlene Dietrich reinvented her work life. Because of her resilience, she was able to reboot her career by maintaining popularity. In December 27th, 1901, Berlin she received recognition for her efforts in humanitarian and social efforts.

She loved freedom. She could change her personality. Marlene loved to travel, meeting new people, and taking adventure. She helped dissidents in Germany escape to the USA.

She was inspiring. She made numerous friends from all lifestyles. She was excited and successful at doing promotions, sales, and advertisements. Marlene hosted writers, actors who escaped Hitler’s brutality.

She was multi-talented. Although adults may have perceived her as a wild child Marlene had diverse abilities which she was able to explore.

She was sensual. She loved to taste what life offers in terms of food and sex. She found it hard to commit to one relationship.

She was adaptable. Marlene was able to fit in various social set up.

She was assertive. She had strong political convictions. She declined to perform propaganda films for the Nazi Party during Hitler’s reign.

Marlene Dietrich the daughter of a career military man was Beautiful. Marlene Androgynous look helped redefine what women wear today. Marlene was glamorous. She injected passion in her life. She wore pencil skirts, men’s suits, silky blouses, and fitting dresses. She was able to conquer not one but many men in her life with beauty. One of Marlene’s beauty rituals was having compressed gold sprinkled onto her wig to give her a unique aesthetic while performing.  Additionally, she could define the brows in an awesome way to accentuate the natural shape of her face.


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