This painting shows Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh as two of powerful art inspirations for Suzi Nassif. This painting carries a mix of Pop and surrealist Art. The favorite yellow sunflowers so typical of Van Gogh art in Frida Kahlo’s hair show how art can pull opposites together. Frida is taking a selfie with Van Gogh shows how senior artists inspire others towards exploring their creativity.

Frida Kahlo was an artist from the North American country of Mexico who painted various portraits. Among some of her notable works of art included self-portraits most of which were inspired by nature and artifacts from Mexico. Frida started creating self-portraits almost immediately after she was involved in a terrible bus accident. She later became politically active and even married a communist artist known as Diego Rivera in 1929. She used her art to fight for the injustices that the ruling elite were meting out their subjects in a country that was experiencing total racial profiling and conflict.

Frida remains one of the most iconic female artists of the modern times and in fact her life story has become almost as popular as her art. Her biography has inspired many books as well an Oscar-winning film. The fact that she got married to a man who was 21 years her senior actually led to the controversy that surrounded her life. Most of Kahlo’s works of art were just so deeply personal and replicate with the symbolism that tells the story of her life.


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