Portrait of Salvador Dali with symbol of a skull and a rose. Dali has inspired Suzi Nassif in a way that she has painted his portraits in several ways to convey his genius and her reverence for him.

Hands down, Salvador Dali was one of the most, if not the best celebrated artist of the 20th century. His art is iconic, his personality, eccentric, his fashion sense, interesting, his style, unique, his showmanship, unforgettable. All these combined to make him an interesting human and a much more interesting artist.

Although many consider him to be a little bit crazy, other ascribe his eccentricity to his genius. Either way, he was a character worth studying and worth admiring.

Salvador Dali was unapologetically a surrealist painter and he was widely known for unabashedly exploring the subconscious and fantasy and this often interchangeably. This invariably made his works sought after due to their strange nature and in the way they always attract attention.

Salvador Dali paintings which really rocked the world include Salvador Dali clocks (the persistence of memories), the enigma of desire, vogue cover, and honey is sweeter than blood, etc.

After his death in 1989, his art remains relevant and his works keep influencing those of the young generation.

In this article, we are going to try to explain some of his artistic leanings and the way it relates with his personality, and hopefully, this will give you a better insight into the man and into the artist too.

Dead child reborn

Salvador Dali was born just nine months after the death of his older brother, also named, Salvador Dali. This so fascinated his parents that they actually thought he was a reincarnate of his brother. When he was 5 years old, his parents took him to his brother’s grave and implied to him that fact. Consequently, this colored Salvador Dali’s thought processes and his general way of life.

Dollar, dollar bills

Salvador Dali apparently did anything for money. As long as he would get paid, he was down for it. Rumor has it, he scammed one of his customers into buying his painting by claiming he mixed the paint used with the venom of wasps. This was obviously untrue. In another, he was known to be the brain behind the logo of the famous Chupa Chups, and he has been known to sing and also sell a dried blade of grass in lieu of his mustache.

From the world of dreams

Dali often got inspiration from his dreams. Notwithstanding how eccentric his works were, he was never induced by drugs or alcohol. His modus operandi was to go to sleep in a chair holding a spoon over a plate. Once he sleeps off, the spoon falls on the plate and the clang wakes him up. He then immediately starts painting whatever he had seen in his dream. He was known to say sometimes that his works scares him. Well, that is totally understandable!

A weird thing for animals

Salvador Dali was known for his love for wild animals. He once had a pet ocelot which was named Babou. This pet went everywhere with Dali, even to restaurants! He often told unsuspecting restaurateurs that the animal was just a cat which he painted over. Yeah, right!

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Acrylic/gold/silver Leaf on Canvas


210 x 155 Cm

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