Monday 18th March 2019, 7 to 9pm Venue: Four Seasons Hotel DIFC, Podium Level, Building 9 Gate Village, DIFC, Dubai Mina Brasserie is an excitingly new and modern brasserie for lunch and dinner and is working in conjunction with Chef Michael Mina, an award winning chef. Expect great dining experience here as you will be … Continue reading Visages Exhibition Opening at the Mina Brasserie

Portrait art has been around for a long time since it was first conceived back in the ages. However something unique is taking shape with this type of art and it is all about the unique appeal portrait art paintings is drawing from the millennial generation. What could it be that is driving the millennial … Continue reading Why Portrait Paintings Appeal to Millennials?

Suzi’s journey to surrealism is driven by famous artist like Salvador Dali. She uses oil and acrylics as her primary medium in propelling her phenomenal artwork to the global platform. The basic characteristics of her famous oil painting are the successive use of layers of glazes. Suzi Nassif is traveled and exposed to the contemporary … Continue reading Famous Oil Paintings By Suzi Nassif

A hand-painted wall mural art can add appeal and enthusiasm to any working environment with lively and inventive blasts of shading. Regardless of whether you’re a specialist painter or simply beginner, it’s critical to be perfect in painting any type of mural. Working on a wall painting can be a fun and energizing venture for … Continue reading Mural Art Tips for Artists

A great news for Suzi Nassif fans is the upcoming grand exhibition in Batroun during October 2018. Yes, you’ve got it right, Suzi Nassif is exhibiting for the first time in Lebanon some of her greatest fresh artworks in collaboration with the well-known interiors brand Zojaj Concept. The art exhibition is to have its grand … Continue reading Interlude in Batroun Lebanon

EME Gallery, in Chelsea, New York is holding a grand exhibition featuring Suzi Nassif on 28th August 2018. Exhibition is entitled, ‘Automata’ and will continue for three weeks. “ AUTOMATA” is a second Suzi Nassif’s collective exhibition in New York this summer where Suzi will be showcasing four of her works: FRIDAGOGH, TRINITY, FRIDALI AND FRIDALISM. … Continue reading Automata at EME Gallery features Suzi Nassif

Suzi currently exhibits at the VIP South Terminal Dubai and the collection is inspired by Arabic Culture and Traditions. It is available for review until the 1st of September. Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Suzi Nassif participated in The International Tokyo Art Fair 2018 on the 26th May. It was artist’s second time at the fair where Suzi displayed only two paintings, but both of them received a lot of interest and success. Suzi has always been fascinated with Japanese traditions and one of the strongest women in the … Continue reading The International Tokyo Art Fair 2018

Suzi, for a very first time, exhibited in the Big Apple at a globally acclaimed “Saphira & Ventura” Gallery. Suzi’s exhibition not only brought art lovers and collectors together, but it also united a Lebanese Community in New York. During Suzi’s trip to New York, artist visited the Consulate of Lebanon and had an honor … Continue reading Debut “PARADOX” EXHIBITION IN NEW YORK, 31st of May

Suzi Fadel Nassif is in town to present her third exhibition at COYA, Dubai. After the recent show at Start Art Fair at Saatchi Art Gallery in London, Suzi Fadel Nassif will present ‘Orchestra’ on November 13, 2017 with open beverages and canapés from 7pm to 9pm at COYA, Dubai. The event will mark the … Continue reading Suzi is back in town with her Movember-themed Art Exhibition

Emerged from the Arabian soil, Suzi Nassif is making a good mark in the international world of contemporary art. Recently, she made another prodigious move by signing with world-famous art gallery – JP ART GALERIE. Hats Off! Located in Cannes, at French Riviera, the gallery since 1997 contains a diversified collection of classic to modern … Continue reading Another Feather in the Cap – Suzi Nassif Signed with JP ART GALERIE

START returns to London’s Saatchi Gallery this September. The 4th edition of START Art Fair will be held at Saatchi Gallery in London from 14–17 September 2017. The fair will shine a spotlight on renowned to emerging artists, art collectors, art galleries and art enthusiasts from around the globe to explore the realms of modern artwork. The New York based, famous Saphira & … Continue reading Suzi Nassif to Make Spellbound Presence at START Art Fair, London

Suzi Nassif Creating a Spirited Whirlpool in Global Art Scenario.     A remarkable milestone achieved by Suzi Nassif. She signed with “Arte Collective Gallery” in Miami, Florida. The gallery is aimed at empowering and supporting the modern artists from around the globe and in all visual art domains. In collaboration with this renowned American art … Continue reading On the Apex of Success! Suzi Nassif Bagged Another Win:

Presenting more than 50 national and international artists, the Art Fusion Galleries gears up for its Summer Exhibition, 2017. Artists from more than twenty nations will showcase their work at gallery’s “Fahrenheit” Gala Opening Night Reception. The event will be held on 8th July, 2017 from 7-11 pm. Art Fusion Galleries earned the title of the … Continue reading Suzi to Appear in “Fahrenheit” Gala Opening Reception-Art Fusion Galleries

Suzi Nassif with her latest, riveting collection is attending the Viva Arte Viva WORLD TOUR VENEZIA during 57th Venice Biennale exhibition. The event is going on in the Venice Art House Gallery in Italy.   Event Details: Special Guest: Prince Lorenzo de Medici, Installations & Talk by Mery Godigna-Collet. Fashion Show by Adrienne Albert. Live Performance by Dunia … Continue reading 57th Venice Biennale: Viva Arte Viva WORLD TOUR VENEZIA

The event of Art Basel 2016 was held at COYA Miami from November 30th to December 3rd this year. The artwork of the famous artist Suzi Nassif was showcased at the event. The event was a great success. Suzi displayed her original art paintings; the participants really enjoyed watching them. Suzi belongs to the most … Continue reading Suzi Rocked The Show-Art Basel 2016 at COYA, Miami

Suzi Nassif exhibited her new contemporary portrait art collection at Coya Dubai. Themed on ‘Movember’ to bring up awareness for men’s well-being, the event was a huge success. Here are a few glimpses we captured exclusively for you. Friday, November 18, 2016

Suzi Nassif is one of the globally recognized, award-winning Arab artist. Frequently, she brings the impressive taste of modern art paintings for across the world art lovers. By every passing day, she is rising to the new heights of success and glory. With the huge wins, on national, regional and global echelons, at her record, … Continue reading Suzi Nassif, An Iconic Contemporary Portrait Artist Gaining Huge Media Coverage

Coya welcomes the global icon of contemporary portrait art, Suzi Fadel Nassif to showcase her latest collection Viva la Vida, Viva el Amor at “Meet & Greet the Artist” event in Dubai. The theme of this exhibition is Movember- an awareness campaign for Men’s well- being. Suzi, an award-winning artist, has traveled the world and … Continue reading Viva la Vida, Viva el Amor Art Opening by Suzi Fadel Nassif

With exclusively unique acrylic artwork and high quality contemporary portrait art, Suzi Nassif joined in the world famous Art Shopping Fair held in Paris, France. Besides giving a warm welcome to the thousands of the emerging and expert artists, sculptures and portraitures, another good thing about this event was its venue. Yes, it was held … Continue reading Art Fair at Carrousel de Louvre, Paris:

Get up art lovers, it’s high time to be in the world’s one of the most beautiful, happening and the sensational city. Yes! It’s none other than Paris. This gorgeous city is hosting the prestigious Art Shopping Fair, 2016. World famous Suzi Nassif is currently attending the Art Shopping Paris exhibition with her fantastically amazing … Continue reading Suzi Nassif at Art Shopping Paris, 2016

Talk about contemporary art in Dubai and you will come across several brilliant artists. And, Suzi Nassif is indeed the most amazing of all with great mastery on different genres; from surrealism to abstraction and portraiture. Have you ever heard of her painting live? She’s in the ring now! A few days back, Inside Dubai … Continue reading Live, Classical Portraiture by Suzi at Kite Beach, Dubai

Suzi, at present, is exhibiting her solo show at COYA Restaurant in London. Opened on June 21st, the event is themed on Latin Inspired Paintings. Her artistic manifestation of Latin American culture makes the first couple of weeks a great success. Art lovers admiring her innate intellectual curiosity that guided her to create an amazing … Continue reading Suzi’s Solo Exhibition Swaying at COYA, London

VIVA LA VIDA, VIVA EL AMOR is Suzi Nassif’s stunning new exhibition of Latin American inspired paintings, opening at COYA restaurant, 118 Piccadilly, on June 21st and running until mid-September. The vivid collection includes depictions of Latin American spirits, faces and backgrounds, in an artistic manifestation of Latin American culture through which you can almost … Continue reading VIVA LA VIDA | VIVA EL AMOR – Latin Inspired Paintings

Another Milestone Achieved! Suzi Nassif successfully concluded her exclusive painting display at the VERA festival held as a prime segment of the Moscow Art Fair this year. Its 10th edition just packed up a few days back. A hundreds of artists traveled from all over the world to attend this global leading international art fair. … Continue reading 10th Moscow Art Fair & VERA Festival

Another feather added to Suzi’s cap as she recently participated in the Tokyo International Art Fair 2016 with her exclusive collection of black & white art. The 2nd edition of the art fair was held at Omotesando Hills, Aoyama in the neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan. Suzi Nassif, the world’s famous portrait artist exhibited her masterpieces … Continue reading Suzi Nassif Exhibited at Tokyo Art Fair 2016

After successful solo exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal, Suzi Nassif is back in town. She is now geared up to attend the World Art Dubai, 2016. This one of the most anticipated art exhibitions in dubai will run from 6 – 9 April. Everyone from art enthusiasts to art collectors and emerging artists are cordially invited … Continue reading Meet Suzi Nassif at World Art Dubai 2016 Exhibition

With the commencement of 2016, world-famous venues including Petit Palais and Museu casa Medeiros e Almeida offered Suzi Nassif to inaugurate her solo expo at world’s most stunning places. Suzi Nassif’s 14 acrylic painting are on display, until March 19th, at Petit Palais by Olivier in Lisbon, Portugal. She is presenting her portrait paintings appearing … Continue reading OJe Jornal Featured Suzi’s Solo Expo Ongoing At Petit Palais

Suzi Nassif’s most anticipated first solo exhibition for 2016 is actively going on in French Restaurant Petit Palais by Oliver in Lisbon, Portugal. In the event entitled ‘Sonnet of Every Breath’, she is showcasing her recently crafted and the best memorable acrylic paintings in Dubai. Louis De Camoes, the Shakespeare of Portugal, with all its appealing … Continue reading Sonnet of Every Breath-Suzi’s Solo Exhibition in Lisbon

The CNAP- National Club of Plastic Arts has pleasingly invited a bunch of portrait to surrealist artists from different countries. Suzi Nassif is one of the privileged artists. Suzi Nassif like always is on the go to cherish Christmas season though her artwork. Next week she will appear at Great Christmas Collective, 2015 exhibition organized by CNAP … Continue reading Suzi Nassif Invited to Great Christmas Collective, 2015

Coya Collective Art Event is factually a Cultural Gateway to Dubai. It combines an electric blend of musical and artistic flair with the conventional Latin American feel, the Coya Collective member’s club is a true lifestyle destination. And this November, Suzi S. Nassif is going to make rocking presence there with the finest cause of … Continue reading Suzi to Appear at Coya Collective Art Event

Once again, at a distance of 2 days, Art Fair Dubai 2015 is going to rock the art lovers and painters from around the globe. Though it will be open to public for free on the 16th & 17th October 2015. But, a VIP Preview is scheduled for 15th October 2015. The Senior Diplomatic & Business … Continue reading Suzi Invited at VIP Preview for Art Fair Dubai 2015

Suzi F. Nassif who is famously recognized as top portrait artists in Dubai is in Portugal right now at the first day of world famous VERA Festival. This year the festival is held in Lisbon. It is bringing along world famous artists and is surely going to serve as a treat for art lovers. People … Continue reading VERA Festival in Portugal

While art lovers a wait, there is a good news for fans of Suzi: She has worked hard on her paintings to be exhibited in this exhibition which is to be held in Lisbon. Her stall is all set. You can find remarkable contemporary portrait art on her stall. Today is the official opening of … Continue reading Wait is over! Suzi is all set for Exhibition in Lisbon

A surreal art exhibition was recently hosted in Dubai. According to the organizers this type of 3D art festival was something new as the work that was featured seemed to rise from the ground and it was first of its kind in Dubai. The festival was held for one week and it included many international … Continue reading 3D Surreal Art Exhibition Hosted in Dubai

The approaching October is going to be the busiest ever month for Suzi F.Nassif. She is all set to attend 2nd edition of Art Fair Dubai and the 9th International VERA World Fine Art Festival-Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon, Portugal. Art Fair Dubai: After last year’s successful edition, Art Fair is again to hit the art … Continue reading Suzi in October 2015 Art Exhibitions

Fashion and art are powerful catalysts that directly influence the soul. Fashion and art exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, specifically, are contributing greatly to promote young fashion designers and portrait artists. HF boutique collaboration fashion and art event at Ittihad Towers Abu Dhabi has brought together the pleasures of creativity in the form of … Continue reading HF Boutique Collaboration Fashion & Art Event

Are you an art lover and happen to be residing in Abu Dhabi? If yes then I take this opportunity to pledge you to postpone all your tasks from 9th of September till 11th of September as there is going to be a three day art exhibitions at Pop up Store in Abu Dhabi. Do not … Continue reading Meet Suzi Nassif at Pop up Store in Abu Dhabi

Whenever it comes to appreciating art, UAE knows how to do it right! UAE is a home to budding artists as well as world famous names in the field of art who have shown remarkable art work inspiring viewers to enter the world of art keenly. Suzi F. Nassif is one of the award winning … Continue reading Exhibition at Ajman Saray

That’s the thing about arts, it demands to be creative. Without creativity, no artist can be successful. Creativity helps an artist to be extremely innovative and unique in their contemporary portrait art. Have you ever noticed walking through an entire art gallery and getting arrested by one or two paintings that won’t let you concentrate … Continue reading Creative arts and personality development

Dr. Alexandra MacGilp said, while talking about her impression of UAE art scene, “There is a lot of energy and ambition and a strong desire for exchange. It is notable that women are running the show as artists, curators and gallerists.” Famous artists in Dubai are always in search of new ideas and inspirations while … Continue reading Art In Dubai Offer Exposure To Majority Artists

‘Eco-friendly Attitude Is a Must-Have for Quality Life’ In response to rapidly changing local to global environmental situations, art exhibitions in Dubai are turning into ‘Green Exhibits’. Today, not only the ecologists but people from all walks of life including portrait artists are concerned about the ugly face of climate-change. Be it a surreal or … Continue reading Has Art Exhibitions (Dubai) Promoted Eco-Friendly Attitude in Past Few Years?

Dubai June 2015. Suzi Nassif has an art exhibit scheduled during Ramadan, it will be an opportunity to indulge in transcendent and spiritual thoughts. Dubai Marina Mall is holding a 30 day exhibition starting from 20th June to 20th July. Famous artists from Lebanon and Brazil and our very famous artist Suzi F. Nassif will … Continue reading Suzi F Nassif’s Exhibition during the Holy month of Ramadan

Bal Masque’ at Authentique Art and design: The French art gallery Dubai is located at Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1 in Dubai and is keen to work untiringly to bridge the cultural exchanges taking place between Dubai and France. Authentique Art and Design provides a platform to artists who are famous or still in the … Continue reading Suzi F. Nassif Events

International Design exhibition (INDEX) celebrated its 25th anniversary and the local and international exhibitors were given an opportunity to showcase their products ranging from interior house designing items to products that can be used to decorate offices and corporations. It featured brilliant paintings, kitchen furniture, room furniture, kitchen equipment, commercial furniture, decorating items lightning objects, … Continue reading The INDEX Exhibition At Dubai World Trade Centre Came To A Successful End